Healthiest Greens on Earth!

No joke, you're looking at some of the most nutrient dense greens around, grown in living soil at our farm, delivered to your front door. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest product launches, inspiration and tips to help you grow your microgreens and feed yourself, family and friends the real food we all deserve.

What the heck is a microgreen?
  • What is a microgreen subscription?

    Start your subscription today and get your first delivery of the freshest greens you will ever find the following week! Cancel or modify your schedule any time.

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  • How do you use them?

    Microgreens can be used in any dish you would use fresh greens in. Our living microgreens are incredibly nutrient dense and flavorful. These little guys pack a serious health punch in each serving.

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  • How will they arrive?

    After subscribing, your first delivery will consist of a Hometown Acres Growing Tray. A set of eight seasonal trays of various microgreen varities ready to harvest and enjoy in a delicious meal.

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